British Isles

The British Isles rise from under a water ledge of land that extends deep out into the Atlantic Ocean. The British Isles include two bigger islands: Ireland and Great Britain, as well as 5,000 smaller islands.

When people go to visit the British Isles, they often visit many of the islands in the area. The most popular islands on the British Isles are the Orkneys, the Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles. Each island has its own unique style, charm and attractions, but they have some things in common as well. Because the islands are all within close proximity of each other, they have similar weather patterns. There are a few islands that do have slightly different weather, so travelers do want to pay attention to the time of year and location they are visiting.St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall, British Isles, United Kingdom

There are plenty of indoor attractions on the British Isles in the case of bad weather, but most people enjoy visiting the British Isles because of all the wonderful things to do outdoors. Walking and hiking are very popular on the islands, as well as the tours of castles, ruins, manors and other relics left behind. For people who are history buffs, they will really enjoy looking for different things on each of the different islands.

The landscape on the British Isles brings plenty of people to enjoy their scenic beauty. The lovely gardens and the beautiful beaches with mile after mile of rugged coastline is something for all to see. People enjoy their holidays on the islands because they can get back to nature here. Most enjoy just taking a break from their work in the big city to relax and enjoy the stunning beauty in the British Isles.

Others visit the British Isles to partake in the many festivals they offer. Many plan their holidays around visiting the Isle of Wight to enjoy the many popular festivals they hold during the year. For those wanting to enjoy the bustle and crowds that come along with the festivals or for those who want to enjoy some solitude and peace by standing on the gorgeous coastlines, you can do all of this and more on the lovely British Isles.


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