Aguascalientes State, Mexico

Aguascalientes, or “hot waters,” is a Mexican state located in the central-northern region of Mexico, approximately 300 miles northwest of the country’s capital. Aguascalientes also happens to be the capital and largest city in this state. The state itself is one of the smallest in the country, containing about 1 million people, most of them living in the capital.

The area used to be a major silver mining region and its central position made it the railroad hub of Mexico. Currently, it is moving towards becoming a major industrial center. Aguascalientes is known for being one of the cleanest, safest and most relaxed states in Mexico and a great place to visit.

San Antonio de Cabeza, Aguascalientes, MexicoThe most visited tourist attraction is the San Marcos National Fair, which takes place in the capital in April and May. It is the most famous fair in all of Mexico, attracting an estimated 7 million spectators from all over the world. Activities at the fair include bull fighting, cock fighting, concerts, theater, livestock shows, art exhibits and many other cultural events.

Some other things to see in the capital consist of the San Marcos Plaza de Toros, which hosts bull fights, and the El Caracol theme park. Architecture enthusiasts will have no shortage of historic buildings to view, as the entire state is filled with Haciendas, many of them dating from as far back as the Spanish conquest. The historic center of the capital is another place to find beautiful examples of colonial-age buildings. Museums are a further highlight of visiting Aguascalientes, particularly the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Regional Museum of History, both located in the capital.

Those looking for a more nature-oriented visit can find any number of hot springs throughout the state, a feature that Aguascalientes is famous for. The Sierra Fria Canyon, located nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, is a natural reserve filled with pine and oak forests and is perfect for vacationers looking to camp, mountain-bike, fish or hike. Lodging is available in the park for extended stays.

While the capital of Aguascalientes is where most of the action is, there are other sizable cities with their own appeal. Asientos is famous for its old mines and colonial architecture. Calvillo, in the western part of the state, is known for art, architecture, good fishing and mountain climbing. Rincon de Romos is home to many regional festivals and sites of natural beauty.

The central location of this state also makes it the perfect location to travel from if wishing to visit other regions of Mexico. An international airport is located in the capital and the bus system in Mexico is known for being one of the world’s largest and most efficient.


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