Yukon Territory, Canada

The Yukon Territory is a federal territory in the country of Canada. It makes up the north-westernmost portions of the country, and with a population of just over 34000 people it is also the smallest territory in Canada. The Yukon became its own territory in 1898 after is split up from the Northwest Territories due to the increased population in the area from the Klondike Gold Rush. The Yukon Territory continues to have an arctic climate with long cold winters and very short summers. During the summer months, the Yukon Territory will also go long periods of time with no precipitation. Despite the weather, the Yukon Territory is still a popular tourist site due to its beautiful nature and great snow sporting locations.

While the Yukon Territory is one of the smaller areas in Canada, it is home to three different national parks. The three parks include Kulane National Park and Reserve, Vuntut National Park and Ivvavik National Park. Kulane National Park and Reserve is one of the most visited locations in the Yukon Territory. The other two national parks are not visited by many tourists because their locations make them rather hard to get to.

Kulane National Park and Reserve is in the southwest portion of the Yukon Territory and is the home of the largest mountain in the country of Canada, Mount Logan. Established in 1972, the park features over 100 different species of birds including the bald eagle. Over 80% of the 22,000 square kilometers that make up Kulane National Park and Reserve are made up of glaciers and mountains. Fishing, boating, hiking, camping, mountain biking and rafting are the most popular activities at the park. Due to the severe weather in the area, the park is only open to the park is only open to the public for four months between May and September.

The Yukon territory is also the home of many more smaller parks throughout the region. These parks are where tourists would be allowed to participate in a variety of different activities including skiing, snow boarding, mountain climbing, hunting and ice climbing. There are also several different cultural events that occur in the Yukon Territory. These events are different depending on the time of year, but the locals are friendly and always welcome tourists into their celebrations. The scenery of the Yukon Territory makes is beautiful even when you are away from the parks. The vast amount of animals and beautiful nature surrounding the area make the Yukon Territory a great place to visit no matter where you are visiting in the territory.


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