Volos, Greece

For most, visiting Greece conjures up tales of Spartans, Olympiads and “Homer’s Odyssey.” Ancient ruins, often temples built to gods, stand as monuments of engineering and design genius. Crystal waters, spectacular islands and wonderful climates attract visitors from all parts of the globe.

Volos is the fifth largest city in Greece, and the newest port city; rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1955. It is located on the location of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Pagasae and Lolcos. Lolcos was the home of Jason, who organized the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. The city is located at the foot of Mount Pilio or Pelion, the mythical home of the centaurs. It is the third largest port in Greece.

Located between Athens and Thessaloniki, the city is also a central point in shipping from Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Home to the University of Thessaly, it also is central for economic and cultural events and conferences. The city has hosted numerous sports events, such as the European Athletic Championships, and participated in the Olympic Games.

Visitors to Volos have the opportunity to visit the islands of the Sporades: Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos. Ferrys and hydrofoils have daily schedules to each, or all of the islands. Travel west to Sesklo to see the oldest acropolis in Greece- 6,000 B.C.

The Volos Archeological Museum houses exhibits from the Bronze Age to the Hellinistic period. The Municipal Gallery, located in the Town Hall, houses art from modern Greek artists. Many Neoclassical buildings remain, such as the Hotel de France and the National Bank.

Since the geography of Volos is relatively flat, walking or bicycling is a great way to tour the city. By the ocean, bicycle is the best way to get around. Taxis are affordable, and public bus transportation covers every part of the city.

Restaurants and fast food places are plentiful in Volos. Food is available in every price range, from those on a strict budget to fine dining. Single rooms to hotel suites for every budget in Volos are open all year long. Fish taverns, or “tripouradika” serve fish tidbits and tsipouro- a pomace brandy. Visit the shopping center on Ermou street.

The climate of Volos is one of the best in Greece. Winters are mild, and with low humidity, even hot summers are tolerable. Sea breezes help to cool visitors as they tour and enjoy the area. Spring and Fall are the best times to visit for the climate.




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