Treviso, Italy

A mere 30 kilometers (about 19 miles) north of Venice lies the alluring town of Treviso, Italy. Like the majority of the Italian countryside in which it is nestled, this jewel of a city is graced with beauty, serenity, and a healthy dose of old-world charm. Set along the banks of the Sile River, Treviso is a wonderful stop for any Italian vacation. A easy daytrip from your Venice apartments or hotels visitors will find Its numerous historical sites provide many points of interest, and the stunning architecture that can be found alongside its streets is not to be missed. Visitors will be thrilled with the culture that Treviso exudes, and the diverse sights around town will provide hours of entertainment. While Treviso is home to several sports teams ranging from football to rugby and even volleyball, the main draw to this city comes from the buildings that have been standing here for centuries, as well as the art that resides inside these buildings.


Piazza dei Signori, ItalyOut of all the wonderful attractions in Treviso, churches play a prominent part. The church of San Francesco (built in the 1200s), is a testament to the history of this region. Several frescoes can be found in this church, done by such artists as Tommaso de Modena. Also noteworthy is the tomb of Pietro Alighieri, the son of Dante. The church of San Nicolo also houses frescoes from Tommaso de Modena. At this church, visitors can marvel at the most ancient depiction in glass in Europe: a picture of St. Christopher which can be found on the east side of the church. Dedicated to St. Peter, the Cathedral in Treviso now includes seven domes. When it was first built in the late Roman era, the building was much smaller; the original gate remains, however. The Loggia dei Cavalieri, with its Romanesque and Byzantine influences, was once a meeting place for the upper class. The Palazzo dei Trecento (built in the 13th and 14th centuries) and the Piazza Rinaldi–the site of three palaces built by the Rinaldi family beginning in the 12th century–offer a couple more options for travelers to see.

Clearly, with so much to see and do, this is an exciting city to visit when staying in apartmens in Venice. Many more buildings of significance can be found along its streets, which means visitors can expect to spend quite a bit of time wandering through town and marveling at the history that permeates the city. Fall captive to the magical spell cast by Treviso, and enjoy all it has to offer.


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