Trento, Italy

Trento is among the most unique regions in Italy, Trentino Alto Adige. It is nestled in the midst of the Adige River Valley, an Italian city and the Capitol of Trentino. Throughout the 16th century, this city was popularly known for holding the Council of Trent. Today Trento is a center for financial, political, educational and international affairs. It is well known in Italy for having an outstanding reputation. The University of Trento is actually one of the country’s top 30 colleges. There are two sides to the city. One is the highly populated urban side, and the other is the historic center, where Renaissance Italy flourished during the earlier centuries for a period of over two hundred years. Much of the historic center holds buildings that have been preserved, as well as recreated.

Piazza Duomo with the Torre Civica, Trento, ItalyThe geography of Trento is fairly simple, sitting in the middle of a river valley. It is bordered by a few mountains and tiny mountain hamlets that lend a hand to the scenic value of the countryside. It sits within a glacial river valley just south of the Alps. Because of its close proximity to this large mountain range, the temperature and climate of the city is influenced heavily by this geographic formation.

The history of the city is very long, although it is generally agreed upon that the original inhabitants of the region were Gauls, Celtics and other nomadic tribes that were wandering Europe. During the 1st century B.C., the city was conquered by Roman forces. The Romans gave the city a name that means “three teeth,” in reference to the three mountain peaks that are located around the city. After the Western Roman Empire fell, the region of Trento was ruled by many different tribes and small countries that rode in to conquer the small area. Around the year 1200, silver was discovered in Trento, and it became a popular mining town for a short period of time. Trento underwent many different changes in leadership and played many different roles in world history, dating up to modern day. Today Trento is a tourist hub and a wonderful place to visit.

The Buonconsiglio Castle Tower Museum is an amazing reference to how ancient the culture and history of Trento really are. Don’t miss out on visiting the Aquila Tower during your tour of the castle. The Piazza Duomo is a famous square that flaunts the exotic culture of Italy in a small, cozy setting. Valli di Ledro are a series of hiking trails, scenic walks and meadows where you can sit back and enjoy the natural beauty of Trento, from viewing the small mountain hamlets to the foothills of the Alps mountain range. You can also visit Santa Maria Maggiore, the Cattedrale di San Vigilio and take a tour guided by Insoliti Percorsi.
Trento is a unique and culturally rich place to visit.


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