Trafalgar Square, London


Trafalgar Square, London is a world-renown destination that is famed for its history, dignified monuments, and annual celebrations. It served as the inspiration for one of Mondrian most famous works of art, and it bears the same name. Residing in central London, the area was formerly referred to as “Charring Cross.” Resting at its center is Nelson's Column. This column commemorates the victory of the British Navy over France during the Napoleonic Wars. The square itself takes its name from the battle of Trafalgar which occurred in 1805. The large majority of architecture in the square was designed by Sir Charles Barry. However, Nelson's Column was designed independently of Barry's plans as part of an architectural competition held during 1840. William Railton won the commission and designed the monument standing at the square's center. The column stands at 170 feet and is flanked by four lions that serve as its guard.Trafalgar Square, London, England

The idea of holding competitions to install modern and contemporary works of art has become a hallmark of Trafalgar square. The competitions are generally aimed at commemorating some aspect of the area's rich history. Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London, EnglandOther historical monuments at the site include an equestrian bronze statue of Charles I, a statue capturing the likeness of George Washington, and, more recently, the installation of the Fourth Plinth. This specially designated area is used to display commissioned works of art as designated by the Royal Society of the Arts.

Many television productions have made great use of this space. The BBC has shot many sequences on the square including productions such as “Doctor Who,” “Casino Royale,” and “The Avengers.” Visitors to the square can enjoy several different annual events surrounding the holidays. Celebrating the New Year in Trafalgar Square gives visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of a huge fireworks display originating beneath the London Eye along the south bank of the Thames River. Each year since 1945, Trafalgar Square has hosted a Christmas ceremony.

The Christmas Tree that provides the focus of the event is always donated from Oslo, the capital of Norway. This service is done as a symbolic gesture of gratitude for the role the British played during World War II. Trafalgar square has also been the site of numerous political demonstrations throughout history. From the protest of modern economic policies to the historical riots that played pivotal roles in shaping the social landscape of Britain, Trafalgar Square is a site built upon history.



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