Tossa de Mar, Spain

A quaint town lined with cobbled streets, Tossa de Mar can be found in the Spanish area of Catalonia, along the Costa Brava. The mountainous region filled with beautiful green valleys, a multitude of gorges and natural springs juxtaposed the medieval remnants of what was once a fortress, complete with castle and alleyways, splashed with ancient homes, restaurants and little shops leaves nothing out for a vacation getaway memory.

Only 100 kilometers south of the French border, Tossa was visited by Hollywood in the 1950s, before it was known as a tourist attraction. The film, “Pandora & the Flying Dutchman” hosted screen greats such as Ava Gardner and James Mason, with Tossa de Mar’s beauty as the backdrop.

Coastline of Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, SpainSheltered coves and sandy miles of sandy beaches give the opportunity to play in the crystal clear, Mediterranean waters. Scuba diving and snorkeling adventures can be had or for those that would rather see the undersea creatures from the safety of a glass bottomed boat, they are available.

The activity along the coast is buzzing with fun in the bars, restaurants, gift shops and ice cream parlors. No vacation in Tossa de Mar is complete without a trip through the historic region of town. The Villa Vella still hosts the ancient walls used for defense against enemies years ago and the remaining towers that are still in tact, create a day filled with endless intrigue and educational fact learning. Medieval times saw Tossa in the year 966 and with the 1187 castle that was erected with defense elements in mind, leaving enough historical structures behind to enjoy today.

After a tour through the enclosure, a visit to the man-made nature reserve of Sa Riera park delivers wildlife views and a diverse inspection of flora and fauna. Wildlife abounds in the reserve. The special ecosystem hosts higher levels of humidity and rain, lending hand to the observation of numerous rare species along the six kilometers of coastline that is protected from harm.

Tossa de Mar is the perfect holiday getaway. Relaxing, yet fun-filled, Tossa appeals to families and couples alike. Visit Tossa for your next vacation and be reminded just how relaxing a vacation can be.


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