Thames River, London


The , River Thames is a mystical river which gently meanders through the heart of the English countryside and the city of London alike. This river is a historical site in itself where communities have been constructed around the waterway and it has become as a source of entertainment, activity, and a place to find tranquility. Many of London’s most famous landmarks and attractions are centered around the Thames River, London as it winds through the center of the city.


Canary Wharf is an excellent starting point. This area was once home to industrial London. It would be common to see the laborers hard at work throughout the docklands area. Today, this region has been transformed into a business district with high-end shopping and dining options at every turn. It is nearly unrecognizable to the Canary Wharf of yesteryear. Further up the river is the HMS Belfast. The HMS Belfast is a big-gun armored ship which is the only one of its kind remaining today. You will be able to take board the ship and experience life on a battleship as it might have been at the time and as it might be today.
Tower Bridge and River Thames, London, England
Once you complete your tour of the battleship, walk across Tower Bridge for an unforgettable experience. You will be able to climb to the top for a spectacular view of the city, and after, walk over to the Tower of London. Here, you will be able to explore this historical site with Beefeater guides. Inside, you will have access to view a collection of the Queen’s jewels. Also in the area is the Globe Theatre, a replica of the original Shakespeare theater, where you are able to watch various Shakespeare performances.

As you approach the city center, you will immediately notice a prominent building built on the river with a large clock tower. This is Parliament and Big Ben. You are able to tour a number of historically-significant buildings and monuments in this area. You will find Westminster Abbey nearby which you are able to tour. And, you will find the Churchill War Rooms in the vicinity along with a number of other monuments and attractions.

The River Thames is a landmark in London and throughout the country. You will be able to explore a number of landmarks and attractions to make your time in London even more memorable.


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