Thames Barrier, London

The Thames Barrier, London makes for a interesting visit when in London, just a short distance up the Thames River from Canary Warf and Millennium Dome, the Thames Barrier is located in the Docklands area of London.

The Thames Barrier was constructed to control or prevent the flooding of Central London from tidel and storm surge along the River Thames. Construction started on the barrier in 1974 and was finally opened in 1984, built as the worlds second largest tidal barrier, the first being the Oostercheldedam in the Netherlands. The Thames Barrier extends 570 yards across the River Thames from the London Borough of Newman on the north side to the borough of Greenwich on the south shore.


The Thames Barrier is used on average about 4 times a year with 2003 being a record with 14 closes on consecutive high tides. Dividing the river into 4 sections 200 ft wide and two sections 100 ft leaving the river navigable. There are also four smaller channels on the shore side that are non-navigable.

Thames-Barrier-Park-London Getting to the Thames River Barrier is via the Docklands Light Rail or DLR to the Pontoon Dock Station. The DLRÂ which runs from the Tower through to Canary Wharf to Isle of Dogs and Greenwich offers several stations in London make the trip out to the Thames Barrier.

The 22 acre Thames Barrier Park located on the north shore of the Thames River and at the Pontoon Dock Station is a great place to view the Thames River Barrier. Shops, restaurants as well as facilities are available as you enjoy the flowers and green lawns leading down to the large viewing area along the river


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