Texas, the largest of the 48 contiguous United States, has a rich history and vibrant present. The state’s many historical sites, fascinating attractions and natural beauty make it a popular destination for travelers.

One of the most popular aspects of Texas to both natives and visitors is its history and many interesting historical sites. Located in San Antonio, “The Alamo” is the most famous historical site in Texas. The site of the battle of the same name, this 4.2-acre complex allows visitors to tour the site of the battle that undoubtedly led to Texas’ independence from Mexico. On the same note, the San Jacinto Monument in La Porte commemorates the decisive battle that ended the Texas Revolution in 1836. In Dallas, history buffs can visit the museum at Dealey Plaza, the site of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The city of Galveston also offers historical landmarks, including the Galveston County Historical Museum, which contains information about the 1900 hurricane.

In addition to historical sites, Texas is home to a number of excellent attractions. NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston hosts both permanent and temporary exhibits and offers tours that will entertain everyone, from young to old. San Antonio is home to Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Adults might like to visit Austin’s famous Sixth Street and take in some live music. The city hosts festivals and events like the Austin City Limits music festival and the Texas Book Festival. The Schlitterbahn water parks, located in New Braunfels, Galveston and South Padre Island, offers a fantastic variety of water adventures for the whole family.

Texas’ natural beauty also attracts tourists to the state. From the coastline cities on the Gulf of Mexico that offer beach attractions to El Paso’s view of the Juarez Mountains, Texas terrain has a variety found in few other states. Fans of natural beauty will want to visit the famous Big Bend National Park, whose altitude covers a range of 1,800 feet. Floating the Guadalupe River on inner tubes is another excellent way to view Texas’ natural beauty. Even within metropolitan areas in Texas, nature lovers will see delightful sights. Austin offers the famous Congress Avenue Bridge, where a swarm of bats emerges each evening at dusk, and Enchanted Rock is a short drive away.

Overall, Texas is a state with a remarkable history and much to offer to visitors. Y’all will be glad you visited!


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