Southampton, England

If you want to experience the United Kingdom at its best without going to the crowded streets of London, try your hand at a visit to Southampton, England. The gorgeous weather persists all throughout the calendar year in Southampton, and the months of June, July, and August are particularly appealing to travelers. With plenty of flavor to go around for travelers of all types and backgrounds, the city owes its cultural roots to its proximity to the sea. Port cities tend to have a charm all of their own, and Southampton is no different in this regard. Stop by some time to see the incredible beauty for yourself.
Ocean Village, Southampton, England
You'll immediately recognize a unique culture the moment you step foot in Southampton. The city features some of the oldest surviving walls from medieval times in England. The Tudor House Museum showcases the lives of people who lived during this time period, especially the wealthy and privileged people of Southampton's outskirts. Each year, thousands of people gather in the city for the Southampton Boat Show, which displays over 600 types of boats at Mayflower Park. Due to good working wages, low cost of living, and affordable transportation, Southampton is considered a great place for young, single people.

Music has long been one of the most influential aspects of Southampton culture. As you walk down the streets of Southampton, you can feel that music pervades the atmosphere in the daily lives of the citizens there. Impressive bands and solo singers called Southampton home during their prime recording years. Pink Floyd, Delirious?, David Bowie, The Killers, Manic Street Preachers, and Amy Winehouse routinely packed music halls in Southampton long before they rose to wealth and prominence in the music industry. The impact of these musical acts can be seen in the vibrant lifestyles enjoyed by Southampton's residents.

The economic outlook for Southampton exceeds that of almost every city in the world of comparable size. Only 2.4 percent of citizens within the city receive allowances for job seekers, which is basically the same as the United States unemployment rate. Jobs are indeed plentiful in Southampton, and the largest employers are the University of Southampton, Southampton Airport, and BBC South. With plenty of aid from international tourism, the local economy blesses the city and its inhabitants with fabulous shops, restaurants, clubs, bars, and recreation facilities. There's no shortage of ways to take in the incredible culture of Southampton when you come for a stay.


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