Sorrento, Italy

The seaside city of Sorrento, Italy draws a multitude of visitors each year who come to enjoy the scenic Mediterranean coastline and take advantage of the pleasant weather. Numerous resorts in the region provide an excellent home base for visiting nearby attractions such a Pompeii and the Isle of Capri. The town of Sorrento offers convenient access to the popular Amalfi coast region and travelers will find public transportation options such as trains, buses and taxis readily available. Hillside hotels have attracted international tourists for years and the town continues to be known as a romantic getaway destination with an ideal year-round climate.

Residing 26 km (16.6 miles) south of Naples, Sorrento is a relaxed Italian town filled with cliff-side buildings that overhang the Bay of Naples. The population of 16,500 residents includes many shop owners and restaurateurs who open their businesses to the tourists passing through on their way to neighboring sites. Ferry service from Sorrento to the picturesque Isle of Capri is a popular pastime for tourists who have a choice of an 80 or 50 minute ferry trip or 40 minute hydrofoil ride.

Ancient history buffs will find evidence of early Roman days when the city, known as Surrentum, was an important trading center and wine producing region. A visit to Pompeii, located 18.59 km (11.55 miles) from Sorrento, makes an interesting day trip to explore a site that depicts the wealth and prominence of ancient Italian civilization in the region. In town, the Piazza Tasso combines historic architecture such as the 4th century Baroque cathedral with outdoor cafes and souvenir shops.

Fishing and agriculture are important industries in the Sorrento region that produces lemons, olives, nuts and seasonal fruit. A popular trademark product from the Sorrento area is limoncello, a liqueur made from lemons and sugar that is served cold as an aperitif or an after dinner drink. Some of the oldest vineyards in Italy can be found in the area that still rates as a top wine producing area. Both red and white award-winning wines are available for tasting and purchase at local wineries and shops.

Enjoying an al fresco meal at a Sorrento café is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors. The casual ambiance of eating at a trattoria and watching shoppers and pedestrians adds to the appeal of this relaxed Italian resort town. Local produce is typically incorporated into menus and diners will find traditional southern Italian cooking, fresh seafood and standard continental choices at a variety of restaurants.

A mild climate characterizes southern Italy and Sorrento typically has warm, dry summers and mild winters. Evenings can be cool, particularly from November through March, and occasional rain occurs during these months.

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