Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park, California is possibly the most beautiful and underrated National Park in the country. It’s best known for giant Sequoia trees, hence its name. However, there are many other impressive features that make Sequoia National Park a must visit for anyone traveling to the Sierra Mountains of California.

Perhaps the most popular site in the park is the Tunnel Log. In 1937, a large Sequoia tree fell on one of the roads in the park. Instead of removing the tree, park officials opted to cut out a hole and make it a tunnel. The most amazing part about this fact is that they did it the day after the tree fell.
General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park, California
While the Tunnel Log is the most popular tree in the park, it’s not the largest. Actually, the largest tree in the park is also the largest tree in the world. It’s called General Sherman Tree. You can access the tree by parking in a nearby lot and walking only .4 miles. The trail is a loop, which makes this a very easy hike. The official name of the trail is Sherman Tree Trail.

If you enjoy marveling at majestic waterfalls, then you absolutely must visit Tokopah Falls. Usually, when you visit a waterfall in a National Park, it requires a strenuous hike. In this case, the trail is relatively long at 1.7 miles each way, but it’s an extremely easy trail, making it walkable for most people. The trail runs parallel to the Kaweah River, which makes the trek both scenic and soothing. Once you reach the falls, you will see that it stands at 1,200 feet tall. The best time to see Tokopah Falls is in May and June.

Crescent Meadow is a simple location that is nothing more than a meadow to the average viewer. To those who appreciate complete serenity, it’s paradise.

Another great spot in the park is Moro Rock, which is a granite dome that stands at 6,725 feet. Getting to the top requires ascending 400 steps. Once at the peak, you can see the Great Western Divide. It’s also possible that you will be looking down on white puffy clouds and white-capped mountains.

Yet another neat attraction at Sequoia National Park is Crystal Cave. While there are 240 caves in the park, this is the only one open to the public. It’s 3.4 miles long, and it’s always 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Lilburn Cave isn’t open to the public, but it is the longest cave in the world at 20 miles.

Other interesting features at Sequoia National Park include Mt. Whitney and the Giant Forest Museum. The former is the highest peak in the continental United States at 14,505 feet.



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