Sea Life London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium appeals to all types of visitors. The aquarium owned by Merlin Entertainment holds the title of having the largest collection of global marine life in Europe. Over 500 unique species are on display throughout 14 themed zones. Exciting opportunities to encounter rays, seahorses, crocodiles, penguins, sea turtles and sharks await visitors to the aquarium.

The Ray Lagoon is an interactive experience that is literally allows visitors to pet a live sting ray except during feeding times. People from all walks of life enjoy the dazzling sea horses in the Seahorse Temple. The Rainforest of the World area delights guests with lush landscaping and fierce piranhas. A highlight of the exhibit is seeing the vicious toothy fish in action during feeding time. Cuban crocodiles also draw crowds at the rainforest exhibit. Adjacent to the rainforest is the River Thames Story themed after the famous river located across the street from the aquarium.
Sea Life London Aquarium, London England
The Penguin Experience is a popular locale for aquarium guests to explore. The aquarium has painstakingly recreated the Gentoo Penguins Antarctic Habitat to provide them with the most comfortable home possible as well as supply guests with the feeling of being transported to the icy region. The exhibit also boasts a meet the handler program and displays retracing the penguins’ journey from the wild to captivity.

The Pacific Wreck exhibit is home to the Green Sea Turtle as well as a great location to view the many magnificent coral colonies at the aquarium. Guests are immersed in the reef environment as they are surrounded by the Pacific Wreck which leads them to Nemo’s Caves. The caves are another reef exhibit high-lighting the famous clownfish and many other reef species.

In February 2012, the aquarium welcomed even more sharks into a re-designed shark encounter. The new exhibit allows guests to be closer than ever before to many of the world’s most awe-inspiring species of sharks. The attraction starts with a bird’s eye view of a group of reef and brown sharks from a walkway above the habitat. The crown jewel of the exhibit is pacific display which spans three floors and is decorated with mysterious looking Easter Island Heads.

Fun specials features of the aquarium include an interactive Shark Academy, feeding times, shows, and meet the keeper events. More in-depth hands-on programs include snorkeling with the sharks, behind-the-scene tour, and Biologist For A Day for an unforgettable personalized memory.

The Sea Life London Aquarium makes for a popular London Attraction anytime of the year.


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