Sants Railroad Station, Barcelona, Spain

Also known as the Sants Estacio, the Barcelona Sants Railway Station located in the capital, Barcelona, Spain is one of the most important hubs for travelers in the country. As the largest railway station, Sants Railway serves not only outside of the country, but all of Spain, as well as around the Barcelona area. Within this bustling space is located the metro trains or subways that take tourists and locals to destinations within Barcelona and other areas of the province. These commuter trains travel underground and to different areas. The high speed line and long distance trains are also located within its walls. Just outside the structure are buses and taxis to help commuters get to where they are going.

Sants, Estacio Sants, Barcelona SpainLocated northwest of the city’s center and named Sants after the neighborhood in which it is located, the Barcelona Sants Railway Station was built in the 1970′s. Today there are plans for expansion in the works. It is a large, sprawling station with several levels underground and take travelers to points within Barcelona as well as places in Spain and France. The station can be reached by taxi, bus, subway, or anyone can drive there and park behind the station. This structure offers the high speed service train, known as AVE, which brings travelers between Barcelona and Madrid. The AVE has first-class service for travelers wishing to travel in style. There are other long distance trains that will take visitors and travelers to different places within the country, like Tarragona, located south of Catalonia, as well as a line to take travelers to other destinations.

There are plenty of services for travelers to choose from; Sants Railway Station offers car rentals, restrooms, tourist information centers, parking, many different shops and restaurants. Being so large, there are many different places that will advise the visitor where to go, how to buy tickets, when the trains will depart and arrive, and other information that is crucial to navigate around the station. There are also many spots with Wi-Fi available so that being connected to friends, family, work, and schedules is easy. If there is a wait for the next train, enjoy a cup of coffee, snack, or lunch at the many cafes around the station. There are also several hotels nearby in case the train will not be departing until the next day.

Take note that frequent travelers and visitors who do not want the hassle of waiting in line for train tickets can look into discounted metro cards. Called the Barcelona Card, this allows the carrier to travel the Barcelona Transport Network without limit, as well as give the holder discounts to a score of restaurants, local attractions, and shops, but this card is not for long distance or foreign travel. Just like any major hub of transportation, the Barcelona Sants Railway Station can be intimidating, but get your bearings, find an information booth, and find out where and when the next train is departing. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


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