Sanibel Island, Florida

Not far from Ft. Meyers, Florida, Sanibel Island is remotely tucked away from commercial traffic and large crowds. Sun-lovers and beach-goers who appreciate an exclusive and tropical atmosphere will find that Sanibel Island is a dream come true. Historic lighthouses, a beautiful wildlife bird park and pristine beaches are just a few of the treasures that visitors to the island will discover.

The exotic nature of the island is in part due to the multiple wildlife refuges that protect species native to the area. Guided tours are available to take tourists through the reservations and refuges to get a first-hand glimpse of the beautiful birds and various other forms of wildlife that enjoy seclusion and safe living on the island. The popular J.N. “Ding” Darling Wildlife Refuge is the largest and most well-known conservation center on the island and is home to thousands of protected animal and bird species.

Sanibel Island Lighthouse in Sanibel Island, FloridaSanibel Island is next door neighbors to Captiva Islands and has been ranked in tourism preference over hot destinations such as Paris, Bali, and tropical Indonesian locations. Sanibel is distinctly noted for its amazing shelling opportunities. Filled with rare and beautiful seashells, shell-hunters will be thrilled with the adventures they face in shell-searching.

The opportunity to bring home unique cone shells and exquisitely-colored seashells as tokens and mementos has made the island vastly popular amongst beach-combers. The beaches of Sanibel are home to conch, cockle shells and more than sixty other varieties of seashells.

Proud to be rated in the top ten of the best family beaches in the United States according to Sherman’s List, Sanibel Island caters to the young, the elderly, and everyone in between. Outdoor water sports such as surfing and sailing keep sporting enthusiasts satisfied. Canoeing, golfing, and leisurely spas that pamper and spoil are also highly-popular amongst visitors to the island.


Anyone who is ready for a refreshing and relaxing getaway to miles of beaches that offer unspoiled beauty and exotic wildlife will love visiting Sanibel Island on the west coast of Florida. While still part of the United States, the island makes it seem that it is remotely and exclusively tucked away in the middle of nowhere. This will appeal to people who are ready to leave behind a fast-paced existence to experience a slow-paced, tropical and leisurely vacation.



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