San Remo, Italy

Sam Remo, set on the Mediterranean coast of northwestern Italy in the Ligurian province, is part of the Italian Riviera between the French border and Genoa. It is called the Riviera dei Fiori, translated the Riviera of flowers. San Remo is a tourist center of multi-cultural events including the Milan-San Remo cycling event and the San Remo Music Festival.

San Remo’s history began with Roman settlement and developed further in the Middle Ages when the town moved to higher elevation with the building of a castle and village with walls to withstand Saracen invasion. After domination by several families, the city was free in the later 1400s with the original village remains still maintained. The fort at Santa Tecla, which is now used as a museum, was built on the beach to stop invasion. The city tourist trade which began in the 1700s, led to the growth of the town along the coast economy and the construction of impressive hotels.

San Remo, Liguria, ItalyThe area benefits from the weather along the Mediterranean Sea and the Maritime Alps at the rear of the town. The town has a year-round spring of warm, comfortable days and cooler nights. The temperature is constant. As a result, San Remo is one of the most popular tourist spots of the Italian Riviera with attractions being open all year.

San Remo hosts sports features including a riding facility and golf. Tourists can sail their boats into the harbors of Porte Sole and Porto Vecchio, shop in the center of town, and visit the market in Piazza Eroi Sanremesi on Tuesday and Saturday.

In addition, travelers can visit the Municipal Casino, or attend plays and concerts at the Ariston Theatre. The Symphony Orchestra presents concerts at the Opera Theater in the Municipal Casino.

San Remo’s Music Festival has been held by the Ariston Theater since 1951 in conjunction with the Eurovision Song Contest. The city’s other events are the Flowers Parade in January and February, a fall song festival, and Fireworks International Contest in July.

While San Remo is well known for its casino, it offers more. The Madonna Della Costa Sanctuary is located above La Pigna and the pedestrian walkway connects to center of the medieval part of the town. The charming harbor has seafood cafes.

San Remo is home to a cycling classic, the Milan – San Remo cycling race, which is part of the major Italian event. The race, which usually occurs in March, is the opening event of the cycling race.

San Remo is easily accessible by several means of transportation. The Cote d’Azur International Airport in Nice is approximately 75 minutes from San Remo by train or car. The railroad connects San Remo to other cities in Liguria and to Rome, Turin, Nice, and Milan. The A10 Motor way joins San Remo to Genoa and Ventimiglia, which is on the border with France. The A10 also connects with the French A8 Autoway. All of these roads are included in the European route E80.

Visit San Remo for a variety of reasons. Relax on the Italian Riviera or take a chance at the casino. Visit the medieval city of La Pigna, participate I the cities festivals or watch the Milan – San Remo cycling race.


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