San Francisco Bay Area, California

The San Francisco Bay Area, California is a collection of cities and metropolitan areas that include the city of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. The Bay Area consists of the East Bay which includes the Port of Oakland, Berkley, Richmond, Alameda, and Contra Costa. The North Bay is the area north of Golden Gate Park which includes Marin County, Sonoma County, and Napa County. The Peninsula includes the city of San Francisco extending to Silicon Valley and includes San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. The actual city of San Francisco is surrounded by water to the north, east, and west and is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco Bay Area, CaliforniaThe economy of San Francisco is vibrant and flourishing. San Francisco is the 4th largest city in California. The Silicon Valley is one of the most technologically advanced regions in the world and includes major companies such as Google, Facebook, Oracle, Intel, and Hewlett Packard. The San Francisco Bay Area is highly liberal and is perhaps one of the most liberal cities in the United States. The weather of the Bay area is mild for most of the year with cool summers and rainy winters.

Coastal San Francisco is wild and rugged with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. There are countless activities to do along the coast including windsurfing, kayaking, trail walking, biking, and boating. The beaches of the Bay Area include Pebble Beach as well as Half Moon Bay, both of which are located in San Mateo County. Baker Beach and Ocean Beach are lovely places to read a book and soak up some sun. Muir Beach Overlook is also an attraction and is part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area.

The city of San Francisco is bustling with energy. The magnificent Golden Gate Bridge is a sight to see. The festive nightlife and internationally renowned restaurants offer a distinctly urban flair. Visit Fisherman's Wharf for shopping and seafood and then ride a cable car through the downtown area. Visit Alcatraz and see where notorious criminals such as Al Capone were imprisoned. The Haight Ashbury District hosts exceptional architecture while Union Street boasts beautiful Victorians. San Francisco is home to some of the finest museums and galleries in the world. Chinatown is authentic and hosts the largest urban population of Chinese people outside of China itself. San Francisco is rich with culture and history and is a city just waiting to be explored.


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