Reims, France

Kings were crowned in Reims, France, for hundreds of years. People who visit Reims today can still see the cathedral where they were crowned. This city in the Champagne region has other historic sites, museums and wineries. Visitors can sample French cuisine in the city’s restaurants and buy champagne in the shops near the cathedral.

Reims can be reached by train or car. Travelers can fly into Paris and take a train from there to Reims. Reims is 89 miles northeast of Paris.

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims was constructed on the site of an older church. The cornerstone of the present church was laid in 1211. Most of the church was built during the 13th century. Louis VIII was the first king crowned here in the 13th century. The last coronation here was held in 1825 when Charles X was crowned.

Cathedral Notre Dame, Remis, FranceThe church is 455 feet long. Things to see inside the church include tapestries, stained glass windows, statues and sculptures. The outside towers rise 267 feet above the ground. One of the church bells weighs 11 tons.

The Palace of Tau is next to the cathedral. French kings stayed here before their coronations. They dressed in the palace and then went to the cathedral to be crowned. Coronation robes worn by some of the monarchs are displayed here.

The Mars Gate is the oldest historic site in Reims. This gate was one of the Roman gates into the city.

Saint Remi Basilica is another of the city’s historic sites. A large part of the basilica was built during the 11th century. The stained glass windows, some small chapels and space for the choir were added during the 12th century. The Saint Remi Museum is in a former abbey adjacent to the church. Items on display in the museum include pottery and jewelry that was made between the sixth and eighth centuries. Some sculptures from medieval times are displayed here.

More modern sculpture is displayed in the Musée des Beaux-arts in an 18th century abbey. Visitors can also see furniture and paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Exhibits at the Reims-Champagne Automobile Museum include some cars and motorcycles from the early 20th century. The Citröen 11 AL is one of the rare cars displayed here.

The Champagne region of France is known for its wine. Reims visitors will find plenty of places in the area to sample wine. The G.H. Mumm Winery was founded in 1827. Visitors can take a tour through the winery’s storage cellars and tunnels. Samples of vintage champagne are provided at the end of the tour.

Champagne samples are also provided at the end of a tour of Taittinger. Visitors on this tour will see a short movie and walk through the winery’s cellars.

Tourists can purchase a variety of champagne at Cave des sacres or The Vintage.

A selection of wine is available to accompany the meals at La Table Anna. French dishes on the menu include escargot and foie gras.


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