Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata’s name means “silver port” in English. Christopher Columbus inspired the name of the port. He named a nearby mountain to reflect the silver appearance of the fog above it. It is a known fact throughout the Dominican Republic that this famous province, which shares the city’s name, offers some of the best beaches in the country. Puerto Plata is a favorable vacation destination during any month of the year. The climate is mild all year, with average temperatures ranging between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Tourism is the city’s main source of income.

Puerto Plata has become known worldwide as a fantastic and inexpensive tropical destination. The north shore of the island of Hispaniola and the country of the Dominican Republic is home to more than 14 mega resorts located along picture perfect white sand beaches and stunning mountain backdrop coastlines. With most of the resorts and condominiums offering unbelievable all inclusive holiday deals, picture perfect ocean views, several championship golf courses, it is no wonder the area known as Playa Dorada see’s high occupancy almost year round.

The city of Puerto Plata isn’t only famous for beaches. Its history draws tourists who are interested in the city’s past. Although its existence is documented as far back as 1494, its official beginning is disputed by historians, ranging between 1501 and 1506. Wars and battles took place frequently until the War of Restoration ended in 1865. After being destroyed over the past three centuries, the city was rebuilt after 1865. The current buildings and structures date back to that time period, with very few architectural remnants from before the war remaining.

Puerto Plata holds plenty of interesting tourist destinations today. It is home to the Amber Museum, which boasts the world’s largest collection of amber pieces. One of the best ways to see some older remnants of the city’s history is to visit the Museum of Taino Art. This museum holds the items and remains of tombs that were excavated. The remains and artifacts date back to the days prior to the arrival of European settlers. The city is also home to several spas. The Jasmine Spa and Wellness Holistic Health Center is a holistic spa set in an area surrounded by jasmine gardens and natural waterfalls.

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty of hiking opportunities in Puerto Plata. There is an area nearby that is easy to travel to, offering a view of 27 different natural waterfalls. Mountain hiking is also an activity that visitors enjoy in Puerto Plata. Horseback riding stables are available in the area for those who prefer to stay off their feet while enjoying the outdoors. Jeep safaris of the terrain are part of the outdoor experience in the area. Not all attractions in Puerto Plata are made by nature. Fun City is the city’s amusement park, filled with games and rides. The Brugal Company is a rum factory offering daily tours. Puerto Plata doesn’t lack in interesting attractions. Visitors of all ages will enjoy its history, outdoor activities and beaches.


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