Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island, also known as ‘The Gentle Island’, is a peaceful haven away from home. This island sits on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The picturesque scenery on the island is red cliffs and vibrant foliage with miles of sandy beaches. It is not wonder that this tranquil haven is a frequent spot to vacation and de-stress from life.
Whether it is the attractive white sand, the sand dunes, or the red stone cliffs in the background, these beaches are stunningly, beautiful. This family oriented spot draws thousands of beach dwellers each year. The water is a tranquil blue and swimming, snorkeling or shell hunting is a perfect way to spend a summer day. Summer temperatures are perfect averaging between 70-90 degrees and little to no humidity.

This Canadian province has seven towns, each unique, they are Stratford, Souris, Alberton, Georgetown, Cornwall, Kensington and Montague. There are two cities located on this province they are Charlottetown and Summerside. Overall there are 138,000 that call Prince Edward Island home. This province is around 175 miles from one side to the other.

Prince Edward Island is an area of beauty and there are many sites to observe. There are twenty seven lighthouses in the Island area. If you love exploring a lighthouse, this place is for you. The most popular lighthouses are: Cape Bear Lighthouse, Panmure Head Lighthouse, Pause in Victoria and the Wood Islands Lighthouse. Each full of history and splendor, these are a must see stop on your vacation.

There are many hotels that offer great rates on the Island. If you are looking for something close to the water or prefer a more economy style of lodging, we have it all. From four stars to one star, there is something to fit everyone’s budget.

Most people come for the food. If you are a seafood lover, this is the place to be. In May, the fresh lobster is out of this world. Because those who live by the sea, know how to cook it right. If seafood is not your forte, not to worry, there are various cuisines from all over the globe, cooked to order. This area prides itself on being green. They use local farmers and fisherman to purchase their vegetables and seafood.

The autumn season on the island is hopping. There are festivals, events, musicals, and flea markets buzzing during this time. With over 250 events in all, it is no wonder why many people prefer to visit this island during the fall season. Because you are officially in off season, hotels offer incredible vacation packages. Because everyone is concerned with saving money, it makes sense to travel when rates are low. The picturesque beauty of the leaves changing and the crisp autumn air, make this time of year magical.

It is easy to see why so many spend their vacations, year after year, on the Prince Edward Island. With all of sites to see, the beaches, the food and everything in between, this is the perfect place to spend time with your family.


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