Portofino, Italy

 Portofino, Italy is the smallest municipality in the province of Genoa in the western part of the Tiguilian Gulf in the Mediterranean Sea. However, despite its size, this small seaside fishing village is a glamorous and popular destination for the rich and famous yachting and “jet set” visitors and is part of the Italian Riviera. Colorful pastel buildings lining the harbor attract the eye immediately upon arrival at the resort and give the look of a picture postcard.

The Romans gave Portofino the name “Portus Delphini” which means “Port of the Dolphin”, because so many dolphins inhabit the area. A good place to see dolphins and starfish along with other species and a spectacular view of the area is at the Lighthouse of Portofino, where the green gardens give a feel of ancient times.

Portifino, Liguria, ItalyWater sports are very popular. This is a magnificent destination for diving, boating, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, and fishing. The wide variety of restaurants feature seafood, more particularly lobster, prawns, and scampi recipes. Also popular is a large selection of wines.

The Castello Brown is a medieval castle located on a hill above the village which was originally built as a military fortress around the 10th century to fight off invading Turks. The lush garden and the spectacular views of the harbor and town are a key feature. Furnishings of Yeats Brown from the 1800′s, modern art, and photos of famous visitors are included in this museum.

The San Giorgio Church is simple but beautiful and has unusual swirl design tiles leading up to the door. You can either climb steep steps up from the harbor or take a gentler path up from the square. Enjoy having lunch by the water (there is the Mediterranean on one side and the harbor on the other side) and taking a walk around including the cemetery which is covered with flowers (mostly orchids and cyclamen).

The Portofino Regional Natural Park was established in 1935 and has the Mediterranean’s biggest concentration of flora and fauna.

The scenery is breathtaking, and the number of opportunities to take unbelievable pictures is practically endless with all that this quaint area has to offer.


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