Pennsylvania, United States

The state of Pennsylvania is rich in history, culture, and excitement. You can step back in time to the Revolutionary or Civil Wars, visit one of the largest art museums in the country, or ride roller coasters over two hundred feet high. From Philadelphia’s historic district to Gettysburg’s battlefields to the Pittsburgh steel mills, visiting the Keystone State brings the American past to life.

Strolling through Philadelphia’s historic district, you can view the Liberty Bell, visit Independence Hall, or just enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through cobbled streets. For a taste of culture, visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which houses the second largest collection of arms and armor in the United States. After perusing the exhibits, reenact Rocky Balboa’s famous run up the museum’s seventy-two stone “Rocky Steps”. A little off the beaten track, you can find the Mutter Museum, chock full of medical oddities, including the “Soap Woman”, whose body actually turned to soap after burial.

Gettysburg brings the Civil War to life. Stopping at the Visitors’ center, you can view an interactive full-scale replica of the battlefields. For a fascinating perspective on the battles, from Little Round Top to Pickett’s Charge, hire one of the center’s licensed guides. A full-scale battle reenactment is held each year on the first weekend in July.

Lancaster County, with its rolling green fields, is home to the Amish. Hop aboard a horse-drawn buggy and ride across covered bridges back to simpler times. The scenery of the Amish farmland is dotted with windmills, one-room school houses, and mule teams working the fields.

For those who prefer their vacations spiced with a few thrills, Pennsylvania boasts many amusement parks, including Cedar Point, known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World. The town of Hershey is a delicious and fun-filled family destination. Splash around in Hersheypark’s new water park, the Boardwalk; then head over to Chocolate World for a free tour, complete with samples.
Winter or summer, recreational activities abound in Pennsylvania, particularly in the scenic Pocono Mountains, 2,400 square miles packed with lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Skiing, fishing, white water rafting, and hiking are only a few of the outdoor activities available.

So, whether you want to step into the pages of a history book, relax in the back of a horse-drawn buggy, or scream on a roller coaster high above Lake Erie, you can experience your dream vacation in Pennsylvania.


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