Patras, Greece

The combination of a perfect climate, gorgeous views, and a rich and diverse history all make Patras, Greece the ideal tourist attraction. Nicknamed Greece’s Gateway to the West, Patras is an international commercial hub due to its centrally located ports. Patras also has a famous reputation as a supporter of indigenous culture; the emphasis placed on ancient performing arts and modern literature helped secure Patras the European Capital of Culture in 2006.

Cable Stayed Bridge, Patras, GreeceThe third largest city in Greece, Pastra is located in northern Peloponnese. The oceanfront city, located at the foothills of Mount Panachaikon, overlooks the Gulf of Patras. A famous port city, Patras has long been a buzzing hub for commerce and culture in the Mediterranean. Offering a discerning view into the local culture, Pastra is an essential destination for anyone looking to soak up some of the local culture.

With a history spanning over four millennia, Patra’s history is as diverse as it is interesting. During the Roman era, Patras was a cosmopolitan center of the Mediterranean world and the rumored place of Saint Andrew’s martyrdom. The city is riddled with museums offering insight into its rich history in the arts. Ancient testaments to antiquated architecture are abound in the city, and Patras proudly displays its rich culture.

Patras is home to several Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine architectural feats. The Roman Odean, an open-air theater, has recently been renovated and now hosts a slew of artistic performances during the warmer months. A Roman amphitheater built around 200 AD still towers in Lifestou Street, and offers unparalleled views of the city. The city offers a host of parks and squares including Ethinikis Antistaseos Square, Psilanlonia Square, and Georgious I Square. All feature excellent renovations and are the perfect place for one to catch up on their thoughts or admire the local architecture.

One of Patras’ most famous industries is its foodstuff. A leading distiller of wines and other such fine foods, a visitor to Partas is sure to eat quite well. Offering an eclectic set of restaurants which correspondences with its diverse culture, Patras has a reputation for fantastic food.

Patras’ European Capital of Culture award was well deserved; it offers unmatched insight into Roman, Greek, and medieval culture. The Patras Carnival, a famous celebration and the largest of its kind in Europe, attracts participants from across the globe, Travelers will find many bargain holidays available during carnival. Influenced by spontaneity, improvisation, and volunteerism, this carnival is a testament to human creativity and cooperation. The local Patras municipal and Regional Theatre offers ancient Greek plays and also features an international inventory of performances.
The rich and diverse city of Patras is sure to please all. A unmatched history, a delicious set of dining locations, and a host of local performances and landmarks ensure even the most veteran traveler is captivated and enthralled.




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