Patmos, Greece

From deep in the northernmost part of the Aegean Sea, the island of Patmos allows a traveler to step back in time and soak in a part of ancient Greece that gets lost amid more trendy destinations like the ruins of Athens.

Full of beauty, culture and religious history, the island deserves to be called the gem of ancient and modern Greece. It is well-known to Biblical students and scholars as the site where St. John, an early apostle of Jesus Christ, is believed to have penned the Book of Revelation near the end of the 1st century C.E. Frequently referred to as “The Jerusalem of the Aegean,” Patmos’ attracts many tourists from around the world each year.

Harbor of Sakala, Island of Patmos, GreeceThe two main communities that call Patmos home are Chora which is the capital city and Skala – a commercial port. Two additional settlements Grikou and Kampos are also noteworthy.

Patmos is located north of Leros and is part of the Dodecanese island chain. While it is a place forever tied to the history of a major world religion and has roots in mythology, there is much more to the island of Patmos than biblical references.

Beautiful beaches and breathtaking sea views make the island a welcoming place that makes any tourist feel right at home. The Patmos coastline offers several beaches to be enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Whether you prefer sandy beaches and traditional shores with all the amenities or a more secluded cove, Patmos beaches offer something for everyone.

Skala Beach: Skala is one of the most visited beaches on Patmos. It is equipped with tourist facilities, including dining locations, small cafés and bars. The long stretching sandy shoreline at Skala provides a feeling of solidarity. Crystal clear, tranquil waters typify this region, but civilization is within reach at nearby Skala Village which houses pubs, taverns, markets and services.

Kambos Beach: One of the busiest beaches in Patmos, this area is where the island comes to life more than anywhere else. With bars and taverns suited for an active nightlife, this is a perfect spot to spend your day and night. Kambos offers umbrellas and sun beds to rent along with windsurfing and waterskiing. Accessible via bus, boat or taxi, this is a spot you cannot miss.

For authentic Greek cuisine, the options are endless. Cafés, bars and nightclubs scatter the island with offerings that please all tastes. While enjoying food and drink in Patmos, be sure to try a frappe or Greek coffee. Another tourist favorite are the tavernas, which are Greek restaurants serving traditional greek food and drink.

Getting around the island is a simple task. Car and bike rentals are available. Daily cruises and excursions are also an option. The bus system is simple to navigate and with scheduled buses running on all points of Patmos throughout the day, getting around isn’t as hard as one would think.

Choosing to visit Patmos is the easy part for any tourist looking to explore Greece. Leaving the island is a different story.



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