Parma, Italy

Renowned for having one of Italy's highest standards of living, located in the Emila-Romagna region, Parma features an affluent environment and virtually every type of facility for which one could wish. Located northwest of Reggio, the city boasts numerous restaurants, hotels, attractions and entertainment venues, including its impressive opera house.

Parma’s history dates back to Etruscan times, when its existence may have begun as encampment. The city gained wealth and importance throughout the Middle Ages, when it came under rule of the French. In 1545 it became a duchy, which it remained until 1731. In the 1800s the city was ruled by Napoleon's second wife, Marie Louise of Austria, and in 1888 became part of the Kingdom of Italy.

Ducal Palace, Parma, Emilia-Romagna, ItalyAlways a favorite vacation destination of affluent European travelers, Parma is gaining popularity around the world as an ideal place in which to indulge in some enjoyable time away from home. Due to its outstanding architecture and unique landmarks, the city is also perfect for sightseeing, and presents many photo opportunities for visitors.

Parma's Cathedral is arguably one of the greatest examples of Romanesque architecture in the world today. Built during the 12th century, the structure boasts an octagonal dome, which was an unusual feature for that era. A gilt copper angel rests on the cathedral's tower, while lions guard the porch. The interior of the structure is ornate and features intricate detail and artistry, making this landmark a good choice for one's must-see list.

Not far from the Parma Cathedral is the Diocesan Museum, where various displays of Medieval artifacts can be viewed. The museum is opened throughout the year and many times, especially on religious holidays, admission is free. The Stuard Gallery, located in a centuries old Monastery, is also a great choice for museum lovers, and the establishment showcases artwork from the 14th to 20th centuries.

In Piazza Garibaldi, one can tour the Governor's Palace. This spectacular structure features an ornately detailed facade ,which was designed in 1760. The bell tower has an impressive astronomical clock that fascinates many visitors due to its generous size and beautiful appearance.

The Baptistery, built during the 1100s, boasts an octagonal shaped dome made from pink marble and featuring genuine bronze accents. The structure's doors are elaborately decorated, and ornate sculptures depicting seasons and zodiac signs adorn the entry hall.

With several theaters, clubs and the aforementioned opera house, the city offers something for virtually every visitor. With its beautiful scenery, attractions and stunning landmarks, it is easy to see why Parma is a favorite vacation destination of travelers everywhere.


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