New Port Richey, Florida

New Port Richey, Florida is a hidden treasure in Florida. The great weather, adventurous opportunities, and friendly people that the rest of the Florida is known for are certainly abundant in New Port Richie. The city developed in 1914, when the land around Orange Lake was called "New Port Richie." The name stuck and a new post office was commemorated for the new city. New Port Richie briefly became a haven for Hollywood actors when Thomas Meighan, Ed Wynn, and Gloria Swanson moved in during the mid-1920s. The opening of the luxurious Hacienda Hotel in 1927 marked a huge turning point for the city. Visitors could now stay in comfort and style in Spanish rooms.
Green Key Beach, New Port Richey, Florida, Photo by priscilla.starling
The hotel is still a favorite place to stay for travelers today as they make their way to New Port Richey. Many folks come to see the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park. often considered new Port Richey's finest attraction, this state park offers incredible fun and adventure for the whole family. You could relax in a remote section of the park for a picnic lunch. You can get in touch with your inner nature while you visit some spectacular visible nature.

Visitors will want to travel down to Robert K. Rees Memorial Park at some point. If you're a fan of less-crowded beaches and family fun, this is the beach for you. Thousands of people visit New Port Richey each year just to take part in all the activities there. Plenty of snacks are available for lunch and a ranger patrols the area for safety. The kids will love the play sets and the water.

You will quickly fall in love with the atmosphere of New Port Richey. It doesn't have the big city feel like Tampa, Orlando, or Miami. The city instead offers small-town comfort in a quaint location. The Gulf of Mexico is right nearby for your enjoyment. Friendly restaurant owners and store workers line the streets of New Port Richey to eagerly greet guests upon their arrival.

People seeking comfortable weather, quiet locations, and plenty of fun should make a point to visit New Port Richey, Florida. While it lacks the glittery appeal that larger Floridian cities have, it makes up for that with plenty of character. Very few visitors rarely have a bad word to say about the city of New Port Richey. It seems as if it is a place growing in popularity for Florida travelers.


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