Nesso, Italy

Whether you are a sports enthusiast, want an escape from hot summer weather, or love sailing, Nesso, Italy, has much to offer you. It is a small municipality in the Province of Como elevated high above beautiful Lake Como. It is part of the region of Lombardy, one of 20 regions that comprise the country of Italy, and is situated on the north border. Lombardy is one of the richest regions in Europe.

Archaeological findings indicate Lombardy was probably settled since the second millennium BC. Later it became the home of Itruscans, Celtic-Gallic tribes, and then became a Roman province. As a result of the Roman influence, roads, agriculture, and language were developed to a high degree. The region gained its name after the invasion of the Lombards. It became a part of the Kingdom of Italy around 774 AD.

Nesso, Lake Como, Lombardy, ItalyNesso is located within a few miles of centers such as Milan, Como, and Tremezzo. You can travel by bus or by boat from Nesso to other municipalities close to this community. The bus offers convenient stops about once an hour. The ferry and boats are less frequent. Because it is on Lake Como, it has easy access to swimming, sailing, and water skiing.

If you are interested in learning to sail, Lake Como is the ideal place. Not only are there sailing lessons available, but the lake has much calmer water making it easier on the beginning sailor. Sailing is like a whisper compared to a shout that you get in a motor boat. You can find a beautiful place to stay in Nesso and then go snow skiing in the Alps.

If you would like to see the lake from the air, there are helicopter rides available that will take you far above it for a stunning view, and even take you up into the Alps where snow still lingers. The view just gets better and better as you ascend.

The average temperature during the month of August is a high of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 58 degrees Fahrenheit; perfect weather for walking and sleeping. Walking is a pleasure in Nesso as there are small shops to discover and excellent dining. You must catch them when they are open as most close after lunch and then re-open around 3 or 4.

A visit to Nesso, Italy, and to Lake Como is well worth the trip.



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