Montepulciano, Italy is a slice of tranquility in an otherwise hectic world. Tucked away in the rolling hills of Tuscany, it shields itself from big businesses by preserving its beautiful natural landscape and remaining car-free. Though welcoming of tourists, Montepulciano is very much a self-contained town, content with its own people and way of life. Part of this can be explained by its history.

Originally a settlement between bigger fish, Montepulciano made a name for itself after surviving multiple sieges and takeovers from feuding neighbors. Its unlucky position on the map meant that every conquering nation wanted a piece, and none were shy about taking that piece by force.

Tuscan Hiltop Town, Montepulciano, ItalyMontepulciano, however, endured. After centuries of struggle, Italy finally declared its unification and the people were left to prosper in peace. With no battles to fight or borders to defend, Montepulciano flourished as a trade town and quickly became known for its cheese, wine, and other tasty wares.

In fact, if you’re looking for a city worth its weight in cuisine, Montepulciano will be your bread and butter. They make big exports of wheat, honey, and other delicious delights, and local restaurants use these ingredients to become some of the best-ranked in Europe. Their homemade Vino Nobile wine is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest in the country!

Montepulciano is also famous for its pici – a thick, hearty pasta served with meat and sauce. If you’re looking for a real treat, try pici with spicy tomatoes and porcini mushrooms. The experience is divine!

After you’ve eaten your fill, burn off the calories by exploring the streets and soaking up local culture. Montepulciano is home to a dozen churches and cathedrals dating back to the 15th century, and other architecture is even older. Careful about preservation, it’s a place that takes pride in its history – litter is strictly prohibited, and central plaza has been car-free for decades. The history of battles fought has been etched into the city itself, with many local buildings still proudly bearing the scars of their survival.

(But worry not, travelers – it’s completely peaceful today!)

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful vacation holiday or just a rest before further travels, Montepulciano, Italy is worth the trip. It welcomes hundreds of visitors each year, and for centuries it’s been a coveted treasure among Europe and an oasis for its people.

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