Millennium Bridge, London


The Millennium Bridge, London is a pedestrian suspension bridge. It allows pedestrians to cross over the River Thames. It is also known as the London Millennium Footbridge and is a well-known landmark in London, located between Southwark Bridge and Blackfriars Railway

The bridge began as a design competition in 1996, which was won by Sir Anthony Caro and Arup, Foster and Partners. Construction of the bridge began in 1998 and opened on June 10, 2000. It cost over £18 million. Most of the costs were paid for by the Millennium Commission and the London Bridge Trust. The bridge was shut down only two days after opening due to vibrations from the bridge, which turned out to be a natural and normal phenomenon on suspension bridges caused by people subconsciously walking in rhythm with the natural sway of the bridge. The problem was corrected in 2001-2002 using various dampers to control the energy and movement. Although the problem was corrected, Londoners still refer to the bridge as Wobbly Bridge due to the past problem of swaying.Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral, London, England

The Millennium Bridge is the first pedestrian bridge in over a century to cross the Thames River in central London. It is a great feat of architecture, and the design is quite unique. The design also offers unparalleled and breathtaking views of London that will leave visitors awed. It’s interesting history is also another reason to visit and cross.

Tate Modern art gallery is directly on one end of the Millennium Bridge and a wonderful place to see great works of art. St. Paul’s Cathedral is at the other end of the Millennium Bridge and the official Cathedral of London. Many members of the royal family have had funerals or their wedding at the cathedral. Other nearby attractions include: Mansion House, Southwark Cathedral, The Clink Prison Museum, Bank of England Museum, Golden Hinde.

The Millennium Bridge is a wonder to view. Its simple design provides a unique appearance that will delight travelers. It also offers beautiful views of the city of London over the River Thames that are unmatched.



  1. Gourogus shots.  I have heard that London has some cool spots to check out.  Thanks for the different location features on your blog.  I have started a list of my own of where I would like to check out.  Thanks for the info. -Daniella

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