Michoacan State, Mexico

Travelers to Mexico can visit the west coast state of Michoacán for a very unique experience. Many influences from the ancient Purépecha Empire can still be seen throughout many areas of the state. Much of the region also experiences pleasant weather throughout much of the year, making this a fantastic vacation spot.

Morelia serves as the state’s capital city, where many historical monuments and cathedrals can be seen. The city of Uruapan contains several quaint plazas. Visitors to Venustiano Carranza can to take a boat ride on Lake Chapala, which is the largest freshwater lake in Mexico. The city of Heroica Zitácuaro features the Presa del Bosque, a popular dam where many people go to swim and enjoy other leisurely activities.

Beach of Maruate, Michoacan, MexicoThere are many amazing sites to visit while touring the state of Michoacán. Here are some of the main places worth visiting:

• Maruata Beach – This coastal area is very popular with surfers. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico.

• Morelia Cathedral – This historic masterpiece, which is located in the state’s capitol city of Morelia, took nearly 100 years to complete. The church also features a fireworks show and musical entertainment every Saturday night.

• Parícutin – Visitors can also attempt to climb this grand volcanic mountain. The volcano has experience many eruptions, with the last one occurring in the 1950s.

• Pátzcuaro Lake – This lake is surrounded by mountains and villages of Mexico’s indigenous population. Visitors can also explore the lake’s islands.

• Huandacareo – Influences of ancient history can be seen inside this famed archeological site near Lake Cuitzeo. The site, which dates back to around 1200 CE, is somewhat similar to Pompeii in Italy.

• Señor de La Piedad – This beautiful church can be found in the city of La Piedad de Cavadas. One of its main features is its large dome, which is likely the largest one in Mexico.

• Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruiz – Tourists can also venture to this serene nature spot found near the town of Tepalcatepec, where beautiful waterfalls and butterflies can be seen.

Tourists who travel to Michoacán can find many memorable and exciting places to visit. The state offers many wonderful sites of historical and cultural value. Michoacán is definitely one of the top states in Mexico worth visiting.


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