Michigan, United States

Michigan is located in the Northern part of the United States and home to some fairly large landmarks. With over 60,000 lakes and ponds inside of the state, it is also very popular for boating. Michigan is primarily known for being home to four of the five Great lakes as well as home to most of the American car manufacturers. Detroit and Grand Rapids are both key cities to visit when traveling to Michigan, as well as a few key landmarks that would make a trip to the state complete.

Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers, and Lions, Oh My! Sports fans will be in heaven as they head into Detroit because there is a little bit of sports for everyone. Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball or hockey, Detroit has a team. Depending upon the time of year, there is nothing better than seeing live action sports, whether it’s on vacation or a way to pass the weekend along.

For those in Detroit who don’t want to enjoy sports, there are still plenty of other things. Quick access to water will provide plenty of boat tours. There is also the Detroit Zoo, the Walter P. Chrysler Museum and other activities to keep the entire family having fun.

Heading to the other side of the state is Grand Rapids, which can be enjoyed year round, though comes to life during the winter. Resorts come out of the woodwork to offer skiing, snowmobiling and many other ways to enjoy the tons of the snow the Western city receives each year. When snow isn’t on the ground, visitors to the city can enjoy dune buggy rides, museums, golf, fishing and of course – boating.

Virtually any city in Michigan will allow for some time on one of their many lakes. Visitors can participate in various water sports from canoeing and kayaking to water skiing. There are many bed and breakfasts and resorts that feature lakeside views and a way of simply taking in nature and relaxing.

Michigan features a little of both climates – the hot and the cold, so it offers many different sports and things to do year-round. Depending upon how many clothes that are going in the suitcase will help visitors decide what time of year is best for traveling.

Whether it’s to take the entire family on a summer vacation or a romantic getaway, somewhere in Michigan will be calling. It’s a state full of history, sports and everything in between.



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