Menaggio Italy

Travelers choose Menaggio, Italy because it is a relaxed resort town skirting the edge of the spectacular Lake Como providing fabulous accommodation and dining. Travel to Menaggio is not difficult. When visitors choose to fly into the area, they can come into the Bergamo-Orio al Serio Airport. From the airport, an express bus runs directly to Menaggio. Catching an ASF Autolinee bus for reasonable rates is possible when coming from Como or Lugano. Once in town, they can enjoy the lake, go golfing, and take walking tours.

The Menaggio area was occupied by Rome after seizure in 196 A.D. The wall ruins of the ancient walled city are still visible today. Romans built the Via Regina on the western side of Lake Como. Via Regina continues into what is now Switzerland, passing through some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. Today, a road trip on a modern road that follows Via Regina starts just north of Como and runs along the lake.

In order to find the best of Menaggio, guests staying in the town may want to secure a guided tour. A local can be the perfect guide to the favorite restaurants and shops as well as to the culture and history of the region. Still, taking a self-walking tour around the town and making inquiries of English-speaking local residents and shop keepers can help people become familiar with Menaggio.

For golf lovers, the Menaggio & Cadenabia Golf Club is a beautiful, challengingly tight golf course in a hilly region with forest and mountains surrounding the eighteen holes. The course has a traditional British layout, but a driver may not be needed. The golf club has a lovely resort hotel and restaurant.

Now, Lake Como is one of the main attractions, and visitors in Menaggio can take a guided sailboat tour. They can choose a couple hours or half of a day out on the water, and can gain experience in sailing. Lake Como is a vast, stunning body of water and nothing is quite as inspiring as boating with the sun glittering on the Lake’s surface.

Menaggio is a wonderful getaway beside Lake Como in Northern Italy. Visitors can stroll near the shore, eat leisurely meals at outdoor cafes, go sailing and golfing, and just unwind from their normal routines. Whatever else they do, they should take full advantage of their experience in this lakeside town.


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