Manarola, Italy

Manarola, Italy is a gorgeous village on the Italian Riviera in an area known as Cinque Terre. There are no cars in Manarola, as you must park outside the city and take the shuttle bus or walk into the village. Manarola is known for its twisting cobblestone streets, friendly people and the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The village of Manarola goes back to the fourteenth century. The citizens of the village earn their income mainly through fishing and producing wine. Sciacchetra is the local wine that has been valued by many years.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, ItalyThe foundation of Manarola includes the San Lorenzo Church, which goes back to 1338. This Gothic style church is decorated with a rose shaped window. The church is also home to beautiful columns, a bell tower and a wall that looks over the Sea.

Lovers Path is another well-known area of the village. Tourists like to hike through the winding paths that curve through the vineyards and hills of the city. The scenery along the trail is breath-taking.

The people in Manarola speak Manarolese, which is a little different from the traditional Italian. Some people in the city do speak a little English. However, tourists are encouraged to converse with the locals by occasionally speaking some Italian.

You can also enjoy mouth-watering cuisine in Manarola, as the local cafes offer homemade pasta and bread. A glass of wine is the perfect way to end a meal.

Manarola is a popular location to have the perfect wedding. Many locals attend the weddings, even if they do not know the bride or groom, and everyone comes out of their shops to send their best wishes to the happy couple. The people of Manarola will treat the wedding party like queens and kings, and the atmosphere is stunning for a romantic wedding.

The best time to visit Manarola is in January, September and December; however, the weather is pleasant all year. The climate is mild, and the average temperatures during the winter are around 60 degrees. The summer is hot, but the breeze from the sea makes the temperatures milder.

Manarola is a gorgeous city in which you will enjoy a relaxing holiday. Don’t forget your camera because the village includes some of the most inspiring scenery in Italy. Travelling to Manarola will allow you to escape the worries of the rest of the world and have the holiday of a lifetime.


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