London Zoo

The fame and mystique of the London Zoo fascinate visitors from all over the world. Over 17,500 species of animals call the London Zoo their home, and the amount of variety among these species is truly a sight to behold when you visit. A Zoo like this one never gets old; people still take pictures in amazement and wonder each time they visit. If you're prepared to experience a Zoo like you've never experienced before, be sure to check out the great features of the London Zoo.

Gorilla Kingdom is one of the Zoo's newest attractions, and it's worth checking out when you get there. Western Lowland Gorillas prominently represent the specie here. Children giggle and smile when they watch the gorillas play in their gyms. They have a moated island where they spend most of their time, but you'll have a great view of their habitat from where you stand.
London Zoo, Zoological Society of London
The Aquarium claims many distinct creatures as its inhabitants. The London Zoo boasts the world's first aquarium, and the term was actually invented there. Eels of all types greet you when you make your way through the first part of the aquarium, and then you'll meet spiny starfish and sea horses as you progress further. The clownfish and coral reef fish wave goodbye to you as you exit the aquarium and head toward another one of London Zoo's finest exhibits.Childrens's Zoo

The Reptile House enamors people of all ages, but children seem to particularly enjoy it. If you don't enjoy snakes, you may want to check out some other exhibits. The Reptile House includes black mambas, eastern diamondback rattlesnakes, king cobras, poison dart frogs, crocodiles, and more. You get to watch these impressive creatures do their thing in habitats that closely resemble their native habitats.

Komodo Dragons also appeal to most of the Zoo's visitors. Many people enjoy taking pictures near this exhibit with the dragons in the background. You can also hear music being played into their enclosure, and it resembles the sounds of birds from Indonesia chirping. These sounds usually stimulate the dragons to be lively and interactive enough for Zoo gests to get a good look at them.

Penguin Beach would make a perfect ending to a day at the London Zoo. Three different species of penguins are on display here: Humboldt penguins, African penguins, and Rockhopper penguins. Watching them play is a delight that few other exhibits can match. The pool where they do most of their activities is wide and spacious, and it's the largest Zoo pool in all of England. The London Zoo offers so much fun and entertainment for the entire family, so be sure to stop by.

Children are not forgotten at the London Zoo. The facility first opened at Children’s Zoo in 1938 and currently offers the Animal Adventure area of the facility for the younger visitor. The area includes species such as meerkats and mongooses as well as offer playground facilities.

Travelers to the London Zoo have a couple of public transportation options. The area is served by the London Underground’s Northern Line and accessed by the Camden Town station located about 1.5 kilometers from the zoo. Waterbus service is also available through the adjacent Regent’s Park.


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