London Liverpool Street Station

The London Liverpool Street Station is one of the top three busiest railway stations in London. Millions of passengers depart and arrive from Liverpool Station each month. The Liverpool Station connects passengers to the Tube, National Rail service and buses. The station also provides services for Travelcard Zone 1. It is popular station because it brings in many of the city's commuters from the east of England including Cambridge, Great Yarmouth, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The Liverpool Street Station first opened to the public in February of 1874. It was built on the original site of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, what was also known as 'Bedlam.' Some years later, Liverpool Station was one of the first rail stations hit by German bombers in World War I. Just before World War II, this station was the first sight many Jewish refugee children saw. Between 1985 and 1992, the station went through extensive renovations to modernize the station.London Liverpool Street Station, London, England

When you are traveling through Liverpool Station, you will find the essential amenities of any train station including the ticket information counter, telephones, transport police, trolleys and photo booths. BT Wi-Fi, T-Mobile and The Cloud all offer pay as you go Wi-Fi within the station.

If you want to grab a bite to eat while you are at the station, you can choose from a number of quick food and drink options. Some of the options include Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, Whistlestop, WHSmith and AMT Coffee. After a bite or a cup of coffee, you can also shop at one of the many retail stores located within the station. Popular retailers include Claire's, JD, Laura Ashley, The Pen Shop and Vodafone. If you have a little time for health or beauty treatments before you leave the station, you can always stop by Fitness First or SuperCuts.

The station is also accommodating for disabled people. There are a number of disabled access routes throughout the station. In terms of parking, the Liverpool Station has disabled accessible parking, but no regular car parking. It does, however, have bicycle parking on both Platform 10 and the Bishopsgate Piazza.


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