London Bridge

London Bridge is not falling down. The historic structure stands majestically in the center of London overlooking the Thames River between the city of London and the borough of Southwark. Actually, London Bridge is equated to several bridges included in this span.

Opened to traffic in 1973, the bridge has seen several transformations throughout the centuries. The original London Bridge was erected by Roman military in 53 A.D. as a road-building program to aid their conquest consolidation. Ferries were in use to offer trade between the Roman Empire and Britain and the bridge also provided traffic across the River Thames by foot, carriage and horseback. This structure was then destroyed by the rebel army in 60 A.D.London Bridge, River Thames, London, England

Starting with timber bridges replaced by a medieval structure and then replaced with a nineteenth century stone bridge, today’s bridge has been transformed to the modern era. London Bridge is now owned by Bridge House Estates which is overseen by the City of London Corporation. The structure also marks the territory along the south bank of the Thames River to the Tower Bridge, an area proposed as a district designated to business improvement.

It’s also important to note that archaeologists discovered evidence of the Bronze and Iron Ages’ existence at this site before a bridge was built. Historically, the city of London did not exist at this time.

Visiting the London Bridge is a historical experience not to be missed. Along with guided tours of the London Bridge is a haunting visit down to the tunnels under the bridge where you will enter the London Tombs. On this 3D tour you will encounter dark narrow passageways with scary sights and sounds accompanied with strobe and flash lighting. Added to the London Bridge visit, a trek through the gothic London Tombs is touted as one of London’s scariest adventures. A trip to the gift shop is also recommended.

The London Dungeon is also located near the London Bridge. This attraction offers a spine-tingling journey complete with scary characters in costume appearing from nowhere and a boat ride to Traitors Gate where you encounter a horrifying firing squad.
A visit to this area of London is a thrilling experience.


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