Lamezia, Italy

Lamezia, is a midsized Italian city with a rich history and a well-developed community with a host of architectural feats. Located in Calabria region in the province of Catanzaro, Lamezia hosts over 71,000 inhabitants.

Lamezia’s diverse history began in the late 9th century. Formerly a part of the Byzantine empire, Lamezia’s existence sparked out of the construction of a large fortress, dubbed Neo Castrum (“New Castle”). The fort later changed ownership, and eventually a large abbey. St. Eufemia, was constructed under the leadership of a Norman count. This abbey survived and received many visitors from across Europe, adding to the eclectic mix of society and lifestyles found in current Lamezia.

Lamezia, Italy Photo by flamir48Lamezia is a town of several historical landmarks, which is one of Lamezia’s strongest allures. Despite a large earthquake in 1638 decimating most of the city, Lamezia still is home to a slew of historic sites.

The castle, a cornucopia of ruins on top of a large mountainside, is considered one of the world’s most preserved replication of Norman and architecture. The castle, first under the rule of Greek colonists, housed the pope during the 12th century. The castle and its rich history is proudly on display and often prompts tourists to note Lamezia to one of their top destinations.

Lamezia sports an interesting geographic climate. Tucked between the Sila, a mountain range, and the sand dunes of the Ionic coast, Lamezia sports a host of outdoor attractions. Numerous sites for hiking guarantee a constant stream of exercise activites, and local ruins and ancient history add a new element to traditional sightseeing.

The city is also home to a set of museums. The eco-museum of Lamezia Terme is a must-see for any visitor to the region if they are prepared to take a trip to Sambiase, a sector or the city. The local Diocesan Museum hosts a set of artwork from the 17th and 18th century in addition to a large 12th century Arab-Norman ivory case from the 12th century.

The Bastion of Malta in Lamezia, dating back to the 16th century, stands out from the typical architecture of the city. The bastion, extremely well preserved due to local efforts, is a must-see local attraction.

Several churches in the area are resplendent in their beauty. The most stunning church in the area in the Saint Pancrazio’s church, which is home to several classical sculptures and the paintings of Mattia Preti.

Lamezia is a boiling pot of different cultures and influneces. The city, which remains close to its archaic roots, is a more secluded city, allowing its visitors a taste of the local Italian lifestyle. Lamezia’s combination of stunning architecture, local musuems, and rich history is sure to please even the most experienced travelers.


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