Lake Como, Italy

Tourists planning their destination to northern Italy would do well with a stop to the scenic Lake Como region. Lake Como Italy is a very popular tourist destination, and upon seeing the breathtaking view of Italy’s deepest lake one can understand why. Travelers of all ages who want to experience a memorable getaway, can visit one of the many resorts and villas which surround this awe-inspiring body of water.

Many travelers from Switzerland choose to vacation in the Lake Como district. In fact, the Swiss and Lake Como residents are practically neighbors. Lake Como is easily accessible from Milan, Italy as well. Just a train ride away and Milan residents can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay at one of the Lake’s resort spas.

Sightseeing around Lake Como is as easy as taking the ferry. There are small villages neighboring the lake and many quaint shops of which to purchase souvenirs to bring back home. Ferry rides are an inexpensive way to see the picturesque views of the water.

Visiting Lake Como during the months of September and October is probably the most relaxed time to do so. The weather in Lake Como is beautiful in Autumn as well. For travelers visiting Lake Como during the winter months, winter sports may be enjoyed, with skiing being most popular. Summertime at the lake is the most hectic and preferred, so booking in advance is a good idea.

In early summer, travelers to Lake Como can enjoy various art festivals and water sports. Boating is a popular pastime for visitors to Lake Como as well. Musical events and concerts are often scheduled at various locales near or around the lake.

Campgrounds are also plentiful in the Lake Como region. In fact, Lake Como Italy is a camper’s paradise, with so much to see and do for the nature lover. Nature walks and hikes along the lake can be enjoyed during spring, summer and fall.

Nearby Varenna is a popular fishing village with where fishing enthusiasts young and old can enjoy their sport. Another must-see attraction in the area is the spectacular castle of Vezio. Tours of the Vezio castle tower are held from early summer through autumn. Tourists also enjoy one of the many cruises that are available to surrounding areas of the lake.

A short distance northeast of Lake Como is the historic village of Torno. Exploring the beautiful and ancient architecture of Torno is worth the trip alone. Also nearby is the town of Brienno. The cobblestone streets are reminiscent of an era long ago. The architecture of Brienno is fascinating as well.

Dining at Lake Como restaurants offers an experience all its own. Everything from pizzerias with outdoor cafe seating to formal dining rooms can be found in this beautiful area of northern Italy. Many Lake Como restaurants offer magnificent lakefront views.

Plenty of seasonal events can be enjoyed in the Lake Como region. Wine tasting events are popular during the summer months, and golfing events are often planned around the Lake Como district as well. Classic car shows are another popular attraction in Lake Como during the summer.


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