Lagos, Portugal

The city of Lagos is famed for some of the most downright stunning vistas that planet Earth has to offer. A famed vacation spot for worldly sun soakers and thrill seekers, Lagos looks like a paradisiacal rendering from an artist’s fantasy. White sands echo around cerulean tide pools and lively reefs. Spectacular alcoves are cloaked with jutting cliffs and etched bedrock. The city itself seems to emanate with light from the inside out.

Lagos is located in the western Algarve, on the southern tip of Portugal. The city’s origins date as far back as 2000 B.C and once served as the main port of call for Henry the Navigator. In the 15th century the trade routes between Africa and Portugal made Lagos, then called Lacobriga, a very wealthy city indeed. The old walls of historical Lagos still circle part of the city. These walls date back to the 16th century when the city served as a fortress and the residence of the governors of the Algarve.

Lagos is certainly rich in history; the famous ‘Golden Church of St. Anthony’ is located here as well as the old ‘Slave Market’ where saves from the 15th century were brought back from discovery voyages and sold. While the history of Lagos invariably warrants some fascinating discoveries for you and your family there is no shortage of activities, restaurants, shopping, and tours. Lagos also boasts a thrilling night life complete with dancing, night clubs, beachfront cabanas, and waterside refreshments.

One favorite adventure amongst first time visitors to Lagos is the ‘Grotto Tour.’ Step into a quaint fishing boat and sail about as your guide points out the monumental rock formations that erupt from the sea near the shore. Cliff walks are alternatives to sea-faring tours as most of the beaches are laced with an intricate network of staggering cliffs and hidden paths left to be traversed and explored. The cliffs provide breathtaking settings for sunsets and are perfect for picnic dinners in the evening.

If all of the water-sports, swimming, and hiking are making you hungry? Follow the cobble stone paths to any number of Lagos’ delightful eateries. There are places in Lagos to fit every budget so whether you are looking for a quick meal or a light snack or a full multi-coursed dining experience, Lagos has something for you. The Portuguese pride themselves on fresh, cooked to order foods and often, at sit-down restaurants, a ‘cover dish’ will be offered to carry you through to the main course. The cover dish usually consists of fresh breads, olives, and anchovies although every restaurant is unique. The food in Lagos is unbeatable as the city is a port city and the surrounding lands are mainly used for agriculture and forestry. Fresh goods are available daily at the open fresh-markets in the old town.

The sun-kissed and sand-swept city of Lagos is nothing short of a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you are there for a romantic excursion or a seafaring adventure amongst the grottos and reefs, the city of Lagos will welcome you with open arms.


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