Ladispoli, Italy

The city of Ladispoli was originated in 1888 by Ladislao Odescalchi. It was built over another ancient community called Alsium, which was settled on the coast of Etruria and is approximately 35 km from Rome. It had been among the oldest cities in the country, but wasn’t listed in the history books until 247 BCE. The original city was never considered very important and was used by wealthy Romans as a resort destination.

The area is still used as a unique travel destination today. Visitors to this picturesque city will have the opportunity to tour the Castle of Palo, which is a medieval fort currently owned by the Odescalchi family. Tourists of the castle will appreciate the amazing view of the sea and can imagine where the ancient Etruscan town of Alsuim once stood.Castello Odescalchi, Ladispoli, Lazio, Italy

The history of the castle is based on defense needs while the manor section has been meticulously maintained. Furthermore, the castle’s owners have kept many of the historic features intact such as defense fortification on the manor and Flavia tower, which was constructed in the 16th century. Visitors touring the castle will be amazed by its size, and the nature surrounding the castle is a thick lush forest. The castle provided protection for the villagers and artisans for many years, but in 1888 the prince made a change and resettled the residents.

The castle offers history buffs a long past and dates back to the 1500s. Similar to the town itself, the castle had been built over the remains of an older medieval castle known by the name of Palus as homage to the massive swamps. The castle has provided accommodations for several prominent people such as Pope Paul III, Flavio Orsini and Alexander VI.

Palo castle has changed hands several times. Early in its history it belonged to the Odescalchi family. It was then purchased by the Duke of Genoa and later the marquis Carlo Loffredo from Trevio was an owner. The structure was returned back to the Odescalchi family in 1870 and has been in their capable hands ever since. The family has embraced the upkeep and restoration of this living piece of history for future generations to learn from and appreciate the past first-hand.

Fortunate travelers have a variety of places to tour in Ladispoli including the main square known as Piazza Marescotti. The area was refurbished several years ago and was dedicated to Roberto Rossellini. Visitors can also tour the wildlife sanctuary in the burg of Palo. Furthermore, travelers have another sightseeing location available with the Wooden Bridge, which was opened on the Regina Elena waterfront in the year 2007. Dining options are vast and travelers will be delighted by the cuisine.

The historic architecture will create memorable pictures for tourists and are a great way to keep Italy’s beauty, vitality and spirit in homes around the world permanently.


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