Kings Canyon National Park, California


Kings Canyon National Park, California is home to majestic towering sequoias, breathtaking mountain peaks, and a large crystal cavern. Coming East from Fresno, take Highway 180 to enter the Grant Grove area of the Park. You can enter the park all year long, and autumn is particularly beautiful. Nearby Sequoia National Park is accessible from the southwest on Highway 198 via Three Rivers. Inside the park boundaries, the road connecting the two parks becomes known as the Generals Highway.


The closest airports are in Fresno and Visalia. From Visalia, you can take the Sequoia Shuttle, which runs from Visalia, through Three Rivers, and up to the Giant Forest Museum in the park. From there, you can transfer to the free in-park shuttle. Amtrak also services Fresno and Visalia, however there is no shuttle running from Fresno.Kings Canyon National Park, California

Take the drive on Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, Highway 180, to see canyons, waterfalls, and amazing views around every bend. This road is picture-perfect in the autumn, but go early before the snow. From the King Canyon Visitor Center, proceed to Junction View, Yucca, Point, Grizzly Falls, Roaring River Falls, and ending at the Cedar Grove Visitor center. Near the Cedar Grove Center, hike the Zumwalt Meadow trail. Zumwalt Meadow is like a mini Yosemite Valley, with a 2000 foot wall of rock, gushing stream, and a beautiful meadow. Be prepared to see bear in the park.

Another option if you are on Highway 180 is the hike into Redwood Canyon, just south of Grant Grove Village. Especially beautiful in the spring and the winter, you will be awed by the sequoias here – the world’s largest sequoia grove. Make a stop at the Lodgepole Visitors Center to buy a ticket for a Crystal Cave tour, and experience the unique geology of this marble cave.

If you choose the enter the park on Highway 198, visit the General Sherman Tree near Wolverton, and the Giant Forest Museum. This tree towers at 250 feet, and is believed to be between 2,300 and 2,700 years old. Along the way, pay a visit to Hospital Rock and view Native American pictographs.



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