Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida is located in Monroe County, Florida. This beautiful, tropical city can be reached by boat or bridge just 129 miles from the city of Miami. Key West is also located just 109 miles north of Havana, Cuba. Whether you are choosing to visit Key West, Florida for the beautiful beaches, water sports or cruise ships, there are many things to see and do here that all visitors will enjoy. Those traveling to the area may opt to fly into Key West International Airport. Lodging accommodations, dining and shopping are available all throughout the island.

In 1521, the explorer known as Juan Ponce de León was the first European to visit the area. Key West was first inhabited by the Spanish and still upholds major cultural Spanish sites today. After Great Britain took control over of Florida in 1763, the Spanish and Native American residents were moved to Havana, Cuba. Today, Key West is inhabited by a number of individuals of different cultures, making this city a truly blended area.
Sunset Key West Florida
Key West, Florida is also known as a major military area. Home to the Key West Naval Air Station, Key West is also known to some as Gibraltar of the West. At NAS Key West, the Navy trains their pilots and has a recent active duty personnel of around 1,650. The Trumbo Annex is a docking station that is currently used by the United States Coast Guard. Because this city is located in a convenient area where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico, military presence continues to be a major part of Key West.

Key West is a major travel destination for visitors from all over the world. Because Key West is the southernmost city in the United States, it is the ideal place to visit during nearly any time of the year. Here you can enjoy warm weather and beautiful ocean water. With the lowest average temperature of 70 degrees in mid-January, there is no wrong time to visit Key West. Hurricanes also very rarely hit the area. The rainiest months of the year are August and September, averaging at about 15 inches each month.

The Old Town of Key West, also known as the Key West Historic District, provides a wide variety of things for visitors to see and do. Major tourist attractions in the Old Town include Mallory Street Square, Fort Zachary Taylor and Duval Street.


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