Kalogria, Greece

Kalogria is located in Lalrissos in the western district of Achaia,  on the peninsula of Peloponnese in southern Greece.
Kalogria is situated with a mountain to the west and a cliff to the east. Most of its countryside is rocky and covered with bushes. The land north of Kalogria is forested and the central and southern part has mostly pine trees.
Within the forest is a lake. Farmland extends beyond the forests in the east.

Kalogria’s sandy beaches are its most well known feature. The beaches continue north to the area also known for its climbing with over 80 climbing trails in the Mavros Oros Mountain Range. Travelers will find Kalogria 260 kilometers from Athens and 42 miles to the west of Patras Greece.

Sunset at Kalogria Beach, GreeceKalogria is linked with the Ionian Sea and one can view the Ionian Islands to the south and Aitolia-Acarnania. To the north, one can also view the Echinades Islands and Oxeia.


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