Kalamata, Greece

Kalamata is a city in the Messenia region of the Peloponnese. The Peloponnese is a large peninsula in the southern part of Greece. Kalamata is the capital and major seaport of Messenia. Cities nearby include Athens at 148 miles, Olympia at 71 miles, Tripoli at 50 miles, and Sparta at 37 miles.

Kalamata is famous for its olives and its pasteli. Pasteli is a candy that is mixture of sesame seeds, honey or sugar, and sometimes nuts, that is shaped into a bar. Major exports of Kalamata are olives, olive oil, and raisins.

Kalamata is also famous for the Kalamatianos dance that is very popular there. It is a festive dance typical of the Greek circle dances. The lead dancer will have a silk handkerchief that is held by the second dancer, allowing more freedom of movement.

Marina, Kalamata, GreeceThere are many things to do in Kalamata which include taking walks along the coast, exploring archeological sites, or cycling in the countryside. Transportation is excellent to get you where you want to go, including buses and the narrow gauge railways.

Many tourists are fascinated with castles and Kalamata has one from the 13th century. Kalamata Castle is located on a hill overlooking the water and is wonderful to explore. Another site to see is the Church of the Virgin Ypapanti. The nuns in the convent are famous for the silk they weave and embroider.

Whether you are into water sports or just want to relax on a beach, Kalamuta has beautiful beaches by the warm blue sea. You can take a trip by boat, windsurf, fish, snorkel, or scuba dive in the clear water. A fun day trip is taking the ferry to the island of Crete.

A great time to visit Kalamata is during the summer because of the festivals that are held there. Types of festivals include a film festival and dance festivals. The annual Kalamata Dance Festival showcases not only Greek dances but foreign dances as well.

One reason people love visiting Kalamata is because of the Mediterranean climate. Many visit in the summer which is very warm and has little rainfall. Highs in August can reach 32C or 90F. In the autumn, it is cooler with more rain in November and December but still very pleasant.

Winters are very mild and wet with January having an average low of 10C or 50F. Spring is an ideal time to visit with temperatures that are warm and comfortable between 16C and 20C or 61F and 68F.


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