Jekyll Island Georgia

Jekyll Island is one of the Sea Islands off the coast of Georgia that is rich in history and tradition. It is also one of the few islands that can be accessed by car. If you are looking for a little garden spot to spend your next vacation or weekend getaway, then Jekyll Island is the place to go.

Jekyll Island was purchased and founded in 1886 and was to simply entertain the richest families in the world. Famous families such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Pulitzers stayed on Jekyll Island to escape the harsh coldness of winter. This was as exclusive Island, which hosted the famous Jekyll Island Club, which was formed to provide a private retreat to the rich and famous. The club was so exclusive that originally it had limited the membership to only 100 members and is regarded as the most exclusives social club in the United States.

Driftwood along the Beach, Jekyll Island GeorgiaOne of the most historic sites that is well known and sits in the Jekyll Island Historic District is the Jekyll Island Museum. The museum had captured and preserved hundreds of artifacts and exhibits used when they hosted the rich and prominent families. It provides a snapshot in time of what it was like to be wealthy and how they lived in the private club. The museum offers various tours and programs that will help you understand and relive the 1950’s era once again. Also, do not forget about one of the most famous tabby ruins in southeast, the Horton House Ruins. The house was famous for being built with shells, lime, sand and tabby. In addition it is Georgia’s oldest buildings and is registered as a historic place.

Jekyll Island also has many modern day activities. The island has a complete water park, the Sea Turtle Center, full line of water activities, biking, and nature walks along the 10 miles of tidal beaches. Do not forget about the shopping opportunities at Jekyll Island. You can choose from souvenir shops, trading post, and a year round Santa’s Christmas Shoppe. No matter what your preference is, Jekyll Island has you covered.

As mentioned before, the reason many people visit the island is because of the year round tropical and warm climate. During the summer months, temperatures average around the upper 80’s and lows in the mid 70’s. In the winter months, temperatures are still mild compared to the rest of the United States, with highs in the 60’s and lows in the 40’s.


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