Imperial War Museum, London

The Imperial War Museum's London location first opened to the public in 1936. The museum is home to a number of different permanent and temporary exhibits that tell the stories of the soldiers and individuals who bravely fought to defend England throughout history. The museum itself is housed on the former grounds of the Bethlem Royal Hospital, located on Lambeth Road. The hospital itself was designed by James Lewis and served its original purpose from 1814 to 1930. Since the Imperial War Museum opened in 1936, millions of people have flocked to the site to learn more about the illustrious history of the armed forces.

Imperial War Museum, London
The Imperial War Museum and its exhibits are divided up by floors. Visitors to the basement of the museum will find galleries telling the stories of World War I and World War 2, along with information about the other conflicts that have taken place since 1945. The ground floor of the Imperial War Museum houses the cinema where a number of different battle related films are screened. This floor is also home to the museum's atrium and a visitor center where travelers can learn more about the museum. In addition, the ground floor is home to a number of temporary exhibits.


Travelers visiting the first floor will see the especially exciting gallery titled Secret War. This gallery is home to artifacts covering things like covert operations engaged in by the troops, famous and infamous espionage cases and also informative exhibits regarding the military's special forces. The first floor also contains the museums education facilities where students often come on school trips to learn more about the history of the military in England.

The second floor is another not to be missed stop for history buffs visiting the Imperial War Museum. This floor is the site of the haunting Crimes Against Humanity exhibit, as well as being the location of the viewing balcony and another two art galleries focusing on military and service based works of art. The third floor holds the moving Holocaust Exhibition, a solemn exhibit focusing on the huge loss of life during this horrible period of time. The forth floor houses the spectacular new attraction, the Lord Ashcroft Gallery which was opened in 2010.

People on holiday looking to learn more about the history of England's illustrious military can't go wrong with a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London.



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