Hungary is a fascinating and culturally unique country located in Central Europe. The largest city in Hungary is Budapest, which is also the country's capital. Hungary is small in size, but full of interesting things to do, see, and explore. It is also one of Europe's oldest countries, and has a rich historical background.

Western Hungary was a part of the Roman Empire's provinces by 14 B.C. and was also occupied by Asiatic and Germanic people in certain areas. Hungary was eventually invaded by the Magyars in 886, and Christianity was accepted in Hungary some time after. In 1241, nearly half of the Hungarian population was killed off in a sudden invasion by the Mongols. A war with the Turks began to surface in 1389, which caused the Turks to come through the Balkans for more than 100 years. War with the Turks continued until 1699, when a peace treaty was signed.

Parliment Building Danube River Budapest HungaryThe climate in Hungary is Mediterranean and Atlantic in most areas. In many locations in Hungary the summers are hot or very warm, and the winters are frigidly cold, windy, and damp. The months of November, May, and June are the wettest and rainiest months, while April to September are considered the sunniest months. While climate and temperature can vary greatly depending on the area, Hungary is considered one of the sunniest counties in Europe.

Hungary is a culturally diverse country with many different religions and types of people inhabiting the area. Over 50 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, while other religions include Calvinist, Protestant, Lutheran, and other various religions. On the surface, many Hungarians tend to be rather serious, cautious, and reserved. They also tend to be reserved and shy about hugging, kissing, and public displays of affection. Even so, most of the Hungarian population is considered friendly when spoken to.

There are countless things to do and see when visiting Hungary. Exploring the culturally diverse and fascinating land is a must for those who venture to Hungary. The Royal Palace, located in Budapest, is a historical attraction that is one of the most popular Hungarian destinations for sites to see. Fisherman's Bastion is also located in Budapest and is a beautiful medieval castle built in 1905. Hungary is also full of interesting and historically important museums and landmarks, as well as calm parks, lakes, and shopping areas. There is something to do in Hungary for every type of person, whether you prefer to explore history, or you would rather relax at the park and do some shopping and dining.


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