Gulf of Mexico

Travelers who enjoy sunshine, sandy beaches and gorgeous waters have been visiting the Gulf of Mexico for centuries. The Gulf is one of the world's largest and most significant bodies of water, and it borders three of North America's most important nations – the United States, Mexico and Cuba. This means that visitors can experience the Gulf from a number of interesting vantage points while absorbing the disparate cultures of the many regions comprising the Gulf Coast. Although some travelers have become reluctant to visit the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the recent oil spill, potential visitors should know that the region has returned to a state of normalcy, and there is no better time than now to plan a visit to one or more of the communities of the Gulf Coast.
Sunset at Naples Beach, Gulf of Mexico, Florida
Individuals and groups who enjoy fishing for sport love the Gulf for its pristine and calm waters, plus they enjoy the wide variety of fish that can be caught. Experienced fishers can use their own watercraft, or they can rent boats from the numerous rental agencies in the area. Those who wish to fish the Gulf for the first time can sign up for any number of specialized tours. These tours are usually conducted by expert guides who can reveal the best fishing locations and techniques for catching the most impressive specimens.

Gulf of Mexico MapThanks to all of the great fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, some of the best seafood in the world can be found in the restaurants surrounding the Gulf. People who live in landlocked areas enjoy coming to the Gulf for this reason, since they are unable to enjoy fresh fish at home. Because fresh seafood is so abundant in the Gulf region, the area features a wide range of restaurants and other dining establishments that cater to serious seafood lovers. In fact, many restaurants serve seafood items that were caught the very same day.

Fishing can be a relaxing activity, but some people come to the Gulf of Mexico to unwind completely. For these people, the most important part of their Gulf getaway is the chance to simply relax in a comfortable chair on the beach. Few things in life are as soothing as the sound of the sea, and the Gulf Coast region offers numerous opportunities for simple enjoyment of the sand and water. A number of resorts can be found along the coast which offer access to beautiful beaches, but public beach areas are available as well. Since the Gulf of Mexico is so large, it offers miles and miles of gorgeous coastline for visitors to enjoy. Swimming in the gulf is also quite pleasant thanks to the warm and calm waters. In a world in which people are becoming increasingly busy and tethered to electronic devices, few places are as calming and restorative as the Gulf Coast.

Visitors to the Gulf of Mexico love the region for many reasons. From sporting endeavors to relaxation, there is something for everyone on the Gulf Coast. The region is a paradise for many individuals, and the people of the Gulf Coast are some of the most welcoming on the planet.


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